Hello.  My name is Lesley Glenn and I am the creator of #voicesofMBC.  I have always been a social justice advocate.  It is what I did before I was diagnosed with breast cancer – I advocated then,  for those who were sex trafficked, homeless, the addicted, the imprisoned and the poor.  I believe in the power of story, and so whoever I was fighting for, I felt it was important to put a human face to the injustice.

Me at Logan Square in Philadelphia
Me at Logan Square in Philadelphia

When I was diagnosed with metastatic stage IV breast cancer two years ago, it was a crash course on learning to live with an incurable disease.   When I found out facts such as, #108 die everyday, #there is no cure, #only 7% of all dollars raised for breast cancer campaigns, go to fund metastatic research and the #pink culture of awareness is a profit making scandal for businesses, I realized that right here….was a social justice issue that needed to have a voice.

The #voicesofMBC campaign is a social media movement to raise awareness about the truths of metastatic breast cancer, otherwise known as stage IV and to provide a platform for women (and men) living with this condition to tell their stories in their own voice.

Every Monday on what we call #metsmonday , here on the blog, I will publish one “metsters” interview.

My hope is that these personal stories will bring knowledge and insight into the misnomers of breast cancer awareness campaigns and its lack of recognition and funding for the one stage of breast cancer that does all the killing. Stage IV – Metastatic Breast Cancer

I encourage every one to get involved whether you have, had cancer or not. Here are some simple ideas to get you started.

Put the above graphic on your blog or website and link it to our #voicesofMBC Facebook page.
Share the stories from our Monday blog, with your social media following.
Use the hash tag #voicesofMBC on Instagram, Facebook and twitter when telling about your own journey or the journey of someone else affected by metastatic breast cancer.
Contribute your own story to our #voicesofMBC campaign.

Email me at Lkailani@gmail.com, to get the details.

INSTAGRAM CAMPAIGN: #voicesofMBC needs you to tell us the stories of those who have passed from metastatic breast cancer. We want to remember them. Using the hashtag #voicesofMBC upload a picture of your special someone, and share a brief biography of their life. This could be a friend, an aunt, a mom, a grandmother……

Spread the word. Let’s get our voices heard. We need a cure and we need it now.


I write on my own personal journey on this blog:  Living Authentically Lesley.  


One comment

  1. Lesley
    I am a stage IV thriver!
    I was diagnosed June 2, 2015 with breast cancer and my liver
    So far – 6 months chemo, double mastectomy, liver ablation
    Currently on herceptin
    Back at work!


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