My Humpty Dumpty Life: A Balance Between Love and Pain

Today’s story comes from a remarkable woman that I had the privilege meeting, last year in Philly for the LBBC Hear My Voice Training and Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference. Ishiuan sat my table and I was instantly taken by her knowledge and wisdom, her bubbly personality, and the fact that despite having cancer, she rode her bike……for miles and miles….as in marathon miles. She rode for YSC Tour de Pink, raising funds for breast cancer. I was and am still inspired by her tenacity and will to live. Unfortunately, Ishiuan passed away on March 20. She will be forever missed ….. but the impression she made on me will never pass away.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer's Blog

For #MetsMonday, Hear My Voice Outreach Volunteer Ishiuan Hargrove shares an entry from her CaringBridge blog about a near death experience in late November. Her entry focuses on the tug of war between the pain she experiences from brain metastases, and wanting to do and see more with her loved ones (and all of you).

Journal#70 – I have a near-death experience

Dear Family and Friends,

I had a taste of what a near-death experience is like. It felt very strange. About twelve days ago, I woke up feeling like I was standing on top of a merry-go-round, not knowing what happened to my head, and had continuous vomiting. I knew there was something wrong in my head since I had my third stereotactic radio-brain surgery at NYU in late October. I’ve had metastatic brain tumors originating from my breast cancer since December last year. Severe headaches have been part…

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