A Short Editorial on “Why Stories Matter”


Back in the day when I didn’t have cancer,  I ran my own 501 (c) 3 non profit that offered therapeutic art services to women in prison, young girls who were sex trafficked, drug rehab  and juvenile detention centers.  I even had the privilege of taking it overseas. My mission in these classes/workshops was to evoke a sense of individual importance through the telling of  stories through the art process.  It was and is a powerful medium, and  I was privileged to hear hundreds of stories that were full of brokenness and tragedy.  Yet, through the telling of these testimonies,  I had first hand accounts to hope flourishing, emotional healing, forgiveness, and the courage to believe for better futures.

It was the most powerful work  I have ever done…..and still believe in it to this day. It’s why I started the #voicesofMBC website.

Stories have a profound impact on individual change, healing, restoration and making sense of our world.



The past several weeks, I have seen and read a lot of controversial items when it comes to advocating for the disease that kills #110 of us a day.  Metastatic Breast Cancer. There has been name calling, pointing of fingers, and anger.  Lots.of.anger.  While I understand and agree with 80%  of it….what I don’t agree with, is throwing each other under the bus when telling one’s personal story, journey, path, or whatever you want to call it.   Even though we share the same diagnosis, we will never ever share the same journey, because we all wear different shoes in different styles…. we come from  diverse cultures, nationalities, economic,  political and educational backgrounds.  We do not share the same parents, the same childhoods, the same struggles in marriage, singleness, divorce, finances, parenting, jobs etc.

Our stories are as unique as our fingerprints.


I think we are forgetting this very important fact,  that makes us the individuals we are.   This makes every story told on the  #voicesofMBC website special.  Everyone needs to know that their story matters, that if they are brave enough to share it…..that it won’t be torn apart and scorned.

We all deserve love and belonging in telling our stories. 

I didn’t plan on going off on a tangent….but I thought it was very important to let women (and men) know….that to share your journey in your own words, in your own time….is worthy work.

Today is #metsmonday.

Share your story.



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